Never my way" Live @ Wild at Heart - Berlin


Straight from the wild east Berlin savannah, Power Apes is a 4-piece band that brings back loudly the dirty sounds of 60’s Garage and the high energy Rock & Roll from the early 70’s. Their primitive groove and bouncing riffs create a solid base for the raw vocals to deliver crazy tales about the wild life in the modern world. Originally from South America and Europe, those 4 urban apes jumped in many international stages with bands such as Messer Chups, Mammooth Mammoth, Love Toys and Murder Songs.

releasing their debut album “Power Apes” in 2020 - recorded & mixed by the drummer himself at his “Condor Studio Recordings”, and mastered by Nene Baratto at “Big Snuff Studio” - the band came out with a new single called “I Don't Know How To Use It”, from the upcoming album “The Apes Are Out Of The Cage”. While the world was suffering a global epidemic that locked everyone home, the Power Apes decided to get out of the cage releasing a live studio session at their own studio, featuring songs from the debut album. While currently still looking for a label, the band is getting ready to climb on a stage for the first in early 2021.

Power Apes Members for Dummies

Boris + Drums = Drummer
Renan + Guitar + Mic = Guitar Player Lead Vocals
Gab + Guitar + Mic = Guitar Player Vocals
Pippo + Bass + Mic = Bass Player Vocals
Totall = Power Apes